• 2018

    CE & ISO 13485 certified01

    Certified Osong Factory as EU GMP compliance04

  • 2017

    07The Central Research Institute of DHP was founded on July 1st, 2017.

  • 2016

    Selected as KHIDI Support Company
    (GMP Consulting Area)

  • 2015

    05Expand to line 3(process) production facility

    06Start to export towards the U.S.

  • 2014

    KGSP approval completed for Osong Plant
    (New construction of Storage area)

  • 2013

    11Added into Kosdaq and changed listing.

    12Invested on line 3(process) production facility

  • 2012

    Expand to line 2(process) production facility09

    Changed the largest shareholder
    (Samchundang Pham)

  • 2010

    12KGMP approval on Osong Plant

  • 2009

    Start construction of Osong Plant04

  • 2008

    02Transfer medicine container technology to Alcon

    04Expand GMP facility
    (preservative free automatic recharging facility)

    09DHO-101 IND approved

  • 2007

    Seoul Plant KGMP approved01

    Awarded Jang Youngsil prize
    (The gold prize for medicine area)

  • 2006

    03R&D lab. approved

    08Complete construction of Seoul Plant
    (eye drops) GMP facility

    09Medicine container invention patent,
    Quality management system certified

    12Achieved medicine manufacture license

  • 2005

    Establish DHP Korea Co., Ltd.05

    Medicine wholesale business approved08

    Selected as an appropriate KGSP corporation.11